10 Fashion Trends that are Rocking a Comeback

How wonderful to see fashion trends resurrecting and returning to life - Here are 10 fun crazes that you will see in today’s fashion styles.

1. Crop Tops– The crop top was popular with Hippies in the ‘70’s when it was all about embracing your body.

2. Scrunchies– Popular in the ’80s, scrunchies are coming back full force, and louder than ever with vibrant colors and designs.

3. Mom Jeans – High-waist jeans have taken the fashion world by storm, and they pair great with crop tops.

4. Denim Jackets– A staple in the ’80s, denim jackets are now part of every lady’s wardrobe.

5. Neon Colors – Popping up everywhere and on everything, from pants to shirts and even jackets, neon is no longer retro.

6. Animal Print – Huge in the ’80s with loud patterns, spots, and stripes, animal print was everywhere. Today, you see animal prints in local boutiques by some of fashion’s top designers.

7. Fanny Packs – Known as ‘belt bags’ or ‘waist bags,’ fanny packs are making fashion statements just like in the ’80s.

8. Ripped Denim – Thanks to the grunge style in the ’80s, ripped denim was huge and is currently seen in high school halls across America.

9. Overalls– Shorts or pant overalls do not belong just on the farm, and you spot them styled with trendy tops, fanny packs, and a scrunchy.

10. Flannel Shirts – Flannel shirts are paired well over a tank, tied around the waist, and regularly worn in fall months.

Nostalgia and usefulness are the reasons styles have made a full circle comeback to the fashion world and your closet!

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