Seller Story: 9580 Northtown Woods: Boys in the Hood

Updated: Mar 20, 2019

Many kids dream of having a wonderful neighborhood, with their best friends next door or down the block. A treehouse, and field in the backyard to play soccer, baseball, flashlight tag, or any other childhood game that memories are made of.

Braydon and Brooks Morgan lived that amazing dream. When mom and dad moved to Bainbridge, they wanted that experience for their sons. Their home in Northtown Woods gave them all of that and more. With Sakai and Woodward Middle School close by, the boys walked or rode their bikes to school.

Coppertop Park is just down the street, so fun is nearby for both kids and adults! Including Storyville Coffee, That’s A Some Pizza, Island Rock Gym, a pediatrics center, and bakery. Adult libations at Bainbridge Brewing, Fletcher Bay Winery, and Bainbridge Distillery, there is something for everyone.

Shannon shares that, even more than those amazing perks, the neighborhood itself is what they loved most. Northtown Woods has a community feel of years gone by - an instant social circle. Neighborhood events include potluck BBQ's, Easter egg hunts, and 4th of July fireworks. The pinnacle of all events - Halloween trick-or-treating. It is so much fun to see all the kids in their costumes!

Here’s the best part: even with the community feel, Shannon shares that the home itself was the crowning jewel. At the top of the stairs, there is a common area where everyone converged as their days began and their evenings settled. With all the bedrooms on one floor and the common area in-between, this is where conversations were organic and natural. “It was our Gathering Place”, Shannon says. Isn’t that what home is all about?

As a professional photographer before her life as a realtor with the Mo-Minski team, Shannon used this space as a 'gallery' to displayed stunning portraits of her boys.

As life moved on for Ben and Shannon, a new chapters unfolds, taking them in different directions. Ben and his fiancé wanted a home with acreage where the boys could have chickens. Now, Brook’s is tasked with naming the chicks come spring.

Shannon chose to settle into a spacious 3 bedroom condo in Winslow. As Shannon describes, "Bainbridge is where we both wish to raise our family, our new definition of family."

Ben and Shannon have done a tremendous job raising two boys, who know the love of family, community, and how special this island is.

Now comes the time for new memories to be created in this special Northtown Woods house.

- 9580 NE Northtown Loop, Bainbridge Island WA 98110 - MLS# 1399619 -

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