A Walk Through the Seasons: Battle Point Park

In the summer, Battle Point Park cues your proximity to its borders with the scent of ripe, juicy blackberries. The tangles of vines protect the fullest of fruits at the top, saving the ones infused with pure sunshine for those willing to channel their inner child. Those elevating onto their tiptoes and holding their breath as they crane over the thicket reap the simplest and purest of indulgences. The sweetest of these blackberries pair well with a picnic under the covered picnic area or near the garden plots.

In the fall, trees mingle with their rippling images on the park’s two ponds. The deep maroon, buttercup golden, and dusk green leaves watch themselves in the water’s surface until the passing of time pushes them to descend, and kiss their reflections. The surrounding evergreen trees stand tall around the border of the park, a constant amongst the changing colors.

In the winter, there is still warmth in the walking, jogging, and biking trails wrapping and weaving around the park. The melodrama of the grey, blue skies welcomes the lingering mists over the fields. Gather here to find peace in the quiet of this meditative scene.

In the spring, the energy explodes and captivates, even when one stands still. Nearby are two soccer fields, three softball fields, and two tennis areas - all filled with those cheering, swinging, and leaping. Whinnies are heard in the horse area, children’s squeals in the play areas, sneakers squeaking in the two basketball courts, and wheels turning in the roller hockey court. Imaginations running wild are hardly contained in the children’s large wooden play structure, and no one dares to hold them back.