Ali Keys: A Life of Renewal

I am a born and raised Bainbridge Islander. I followed in my father and grandfather's footsteps. Yes, I am one of those generations deep natives on this tiny oasis tucked just outside the city. This is the place I have forever called home, other than the short time I ventured to the other side of the water while I pursued what ended up becoming my choice of careers.

I began my journey in skin care in 2005, not knowing which direction I wanted to take in the adult years of my life. I graduated from the Euro Institute of skin care in June the following year with a certification in Aesthetics.

I fell into an industry I love. What can I say? I am able to give people space where they feel safe and supported. This is the one place my introverted self feels slightly extroverted. In the past fourteen years, my clients have helped me grow just as much as they have felt cared for in my little treatment room. Now, I own Renew Day Spa, my home away from home. I found something I love.

I am a mom of two, small business owner, outdoor enthusiast, and lover of all things travel-related.