All Aboard The B.I. Stander Podcast

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

Listening to a well-produced, captivating podcast while commuting to work, hiking along a trail, or winding down at the end of a day can be like a free ticket for your mind to take off and wander all around the world. Though you are physically elsewhere, Timothy Self invites you into conversations he facilitates on the B. I. Stander podcast that you might not otherwise engage in. If this connection is alluring and thought-provoking, you can tune in weekly.

Discussions encompass a range of topics such as culture, current events, island activities, environment, quality of life, wellness, and many more. At its heart, the format of Timothy’s podcast is simply an extended conversation about people and businesses, on and around Bainbridge Island.

The actor, Michael Rapport, greatly influenced Timothy and the preliminary evolution of the B. I. Stander. He followed Michael’s work as he grew up and eventually found the podcast “I am Rapport Stereo.” Timothy went to a live podcast Michael did in Seattle, and at the time, he was so full of doubt and questions that he was wavering from starting his own show. However, after a few minutes one-on-one, Michael convinced Timothy to turn towards his fear and courageously jump into the process.

Despite this heartening beginning, Timothy was almost ready to quit by the tenth episode. Fortunately, he happened to read somewhere that most podcasters quit prior to the twelfth episode. Again, this spark was enough to rally him to set goals and surpass twelve episodes.

A perfect fit, people love talking about themselves and Timothy loves listening to their stories. Specifically, he loves interviewing people whom he has never met or, at least, only shared a causal previous encounter with. Steady support for his podcast comes from his lovely wife, Elle, and incredible son, Vincenzo, who continually encourage him every day.

In 2020, Timothy hopes to connect with more musicians, comedians, and unique, local stories, and explore more about sourcing. Timothy aims to build on the award the B. I. Stander received from Podcast Business Journal as one of the top ten best local podcasts and attract sponsors to increase the show’s profits.

Grab ahold of the amazing, free ticket that Timothy offers you with the B. I. Stander podcast and search for inspiration and beauty that might unexpectedly find you.