Bainbridge Island Gyms: Health is Wealth

A new year opens our curtains to a sweeping view of our lives, offering us time to gaze upon our last year’s accomplishments and adventures as well as next year’s areas for growth.

No matter who you are, we all tend to have similar dreams about being the healthiest versions of ourselves. Our weaving paths to this beautiful goal can be quite varying, and luckily, the gyms on Bainbridge Island realize the nature of this journey and give us many options for movement.

In the Northwest, many of us may wish to spend the majority of our time moving outside in the beauty of our state’s nooks and crannies - kayaking around Puget Sound, hiking in the Grand Forest, or biking along the shoreline. However, realistically, our scattered rainstorms nudge us to slow down and turn inward, sometimes keeping us indoors to accomplish our goals.

Peruse this list of some of the best gyms that the island has to offer and see which avenue to health calls your name: