Bainbridge Island Yoga Studios: The practice of Being Present

When we are present, we can be the best versions of ourselves. We don’t analyze the past or plan for the future. The pressures to be productive or fear failure can melt away.

We are simply, purely existing, which is more than enough. We can fully realize what we have control over in the space and time that is before us, and move closer to our fullest potentials.

When I first attended yoga classes, I thought I was signing up for a way to exercise, another method to build muscle, increase flexibility, and improve mind-body connections. Though yoga certainly granted me these benefits, they were only the tip of the iceberg.

I found a community of people who gather with a common intention to soak up and encapsulate a healthy life - from the core of the mind to every inch of the body to the corners of the spirit. I uncovered a sanctuary where I could wash away both day-to-day and lifelong worries through silence. I discovered grounding and elevation in a short span of time.

I encourage everyone to be present for a yoga class and explore all the ways that this practice can truly enhance your experience on this Earth.

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