Bakery Bliss: Blackbird Bakery

When I reflect on my time on Bainbridge Island, fond memories emerge and weave into a warm reminiscence of its cafes and bakeries. Most notably: Blackbird Bakery.

The first week of living on Bainbridge, my family and I wandered into Blackbird. I ordered a Brioche Cinnamon Roll with Cream Cheese Glaze and a Hot Moo (warm milk) with Hazelnut.

My mom generously treated my sisters and me to their Blueberry, Lemon Scones before meandering along Winslow Way on occasional weekends.

In between performing with Bainbridge Dance Center at Bainbridge Performing Arts, I ran down to this bakery for a slice of Cinnamon Walnut Coffee Cake.

Friends and I shared an incalculable amount of Blackbird’s Whole Wheat Oatmeal Toast and Jam.

While studying, I sustained myself with many cups of their Morning Glory Chai Tea and Savory Croissants.

Blackbird Bakery showed me the importance of a place that invites you in, during any stage of life. One that restores connection through a community. Grounds you in the sweetness of solitude. Encourages families to slow down. Inspires work that drives you towards your goals. Invites bravery and honesty into conversations. Awakens gratitude for simple moments.

Any bakery can provide shelter and a cup of coffee on a rainy day. Yet, this kind of steady sanctuary from life’s constant changes is a rarity. I dearly thank such cafes and bakeries for the second homes they’ve offered me, and urge everyone to spend time in these little pockets on Bainbridge Island.

There are certainly other beautiful bakeries and cafes on Bainbridge that exude these qualities and are worth your visit as well. These include Rolling Bay Cafe, New Rose Cafe, Pegasus Coffee House, Cups Espresso & Cafe, and Storyville Coffee Company.