BI Studio Tour: Touring Our Island’s Creative Vision

Twice a year, local Bainbridge Island and regional artists swing open their studio doors, and freely invite their neighbors, fellow islanders and Northwesterners, and tourists into their inventive spaces. These uplifting events honor the artists’ dedication to their craft and celebrate the tradition of handmade beauty in our community.

Of the myriad ways to experience pockets of the island, this self-guided art tour is surely one of the most personal and unique. The journey takes you to artists’ studios and historic community halls, which gives you a chance to observe works in flux as well as polished pieces for sale. Where as museums showcase the aftermath of artists’ achievements, summarized meanings of their work, and a brief history behind the labor, this series allows you to peek behind the curtain at the tools, strategies, and varying adaptations of the artwork in its truest element.

Whether you need inspiration amidst a humdrum season, a serendipitous connection to a meaningful community, an avenue to advance your knowledge, or a glimpse into a different lifestyle, reroute and align your plans with this tour’s design. Remind yourself why art has been and continues to be a vital element of humanity and common response to the inquiry: “What if?”

The art categories are:

-Fiber, Wearables

-Garden Art





-Paintings, 2-D Art


-Pottery, Ceramics


-Whimsical Art

-Wood, Furniture

The 2019 Tour Dates are August 9th - 11th and December 6th - 8th. You can look up the tour’s destinations by artist, studio, and/or medium here, and view a map here.