Birth of a Book: Mastering the Health Continuum

What if everything you need in order to heal your body has been within you all along? What if the diet and lifestyle choices that you make on a daily basis bring you closer to or further away from health? What if you are in control of your health destiny?

These are some of the questions that I have been posing to patients for over three decades. They tend to ruffle some feathers. Sometimes people get attached to their diagnosis, and treatment for that matter. Others are quickly overwhelmed and confused about what choices and actions are appropriate for them.

When I opened my first chiropractic clinic, I learned quickly that I was not the first call that patients would make, rather, I was the last. People would come to see me as a last resort, often years or decades into their disease and dysfunction. I felt a tremendous responsibility to achieve quick results and assume control of their health outcomes.

Sound familiar? This is the foundation on which our current health system has been built. It is an outside-in approach.

Instead, I took a different approach. I told the truth. I encouraged people to take responsibility for their own health and healing potential. One by one, year after year, clinic after clinic, I worked with patients to create their own personalized health strategy. We worked together from the inside-out, getting to the source of the problem.

I listened to thousands of patients voicing frustration about chronic health issues, decreased quality of life, and constant doctor visits. These stories and experiences led me to refine my processes and systems. This blueprint has created consistent success because it takes into account bio-individuality, rather than a one-size-fits-all approach. I felt compelled to write a book that would have the capacity to reach far more people than I could one-on-one.

I am proud to say that my book has been birthed! It is now available on Amazon and receiving stellar reviews. My passion is empowering health seekers to reclaim power over their health, and this book helps me do so!

Mastering the Health Continuum features eight daily practices that are designed to boost energy and optimize your health, so you can age more gracefully. It addresses the science behind how your body works, how disease and stress are related, and how to give your body what it needs.

  • Stay hydrated

  • Breathe slowly and deeply

  • Nourish your body with the correct foods

  • Reduce your stress to optimize your zen

  • Get adequate sleep

  • Exercise and move

  • Purify your body by reducing your exposure to toxins

  • Show gratitude

You are a miracle! Your body is miraculously designed to keep you healthy. You first need to identify your unique starting point. Then, focus on a single priority or goal. Success will come with small, consistent steps toward that milestone. The only permission you need is your own.