Bon Bon: The Island's Sweetener

The seed for Lisa Wangen’s dream of owning a store was planted early in her childhood when her father ran his health food shop in Anchorage, Alaska. By age eighteen, with several years of experience working at Nordstrom, the goal of owning a store was firmly fastened to her vision of the future.

A retail store called her name because of her love for connecting with her community. During Lisa’s first week on Bainbridge Island, with her three children in tow, she asked someone to point them in the direction of the local candy shop.

As soon as this stranger informed her that there was not such a shop nearby, Lisa’s destiny became clear to her: She was to open a candy store on the island. With a love for chocolate and candy inspiring her, she began imagining an old fashion candy store, one like so many have grown up with and created memories around.

With her youngest still in Kindergarten, she didn’t feel rushed to launch her store right away. Lisa took the time to research and bring her business plan to life. She carefully decided which kinds of candies to feature and followed the advice of her mentor, Pat McKee from Nama’s Candy Store in Edmonds, Washington. In 2007, she opened Bon Bon and now, going on fourteen years, she is deeply grateful for her dream coming true and the continued support from her community.

Lisa fine-tunes her product and flavor selections according to her customers’ tastes and requests, ensuring that they can always indulge their inner child’s curiosity. Her confections are sourced directly from distributors, especially those based on Bainbridge Island and in Washington. Further supporting locals, Bon Bon gives back to the island by donating to a variety of events, schools, and businesses, so that they may help one another grow.

Making “Bainbridge Island Fudge”, carrying candy from around the world, and thoughtfully training her employees on customer service fills Lisa with immense pride. She has a strong desire for each customer to feel welcomed and have a gratifying experience.

Lisa is not only appreciative of simply living on the island, but also owning a business with the opportunity to become friends with her customers and employees. Her heart warms knowing that she has watched people on the island grow up; adults who once came into her shop as children still return. Just as she worked alongside her father in his store, her three kids have worked with her at her very own, Bon Bon.

Honestly, is there a better way to make people happy than by providing something to spoil them with? Whether a dark chocolate bar from France or a slice of “Bainbridge Island Fudge”, a smile is certain to arise, and the day is sure to be sweeter.

Visit Bon Bon at 230 Winslow Way E, Bainbridge Island WA 98110