Buyers Story: Are We There Yet?

What do you get when you combine two adults, two teenagers, two dogs, and two cats in a large RV for the past year of travel and living to explore the four corners of the United States,...?

Lots of great memories, experiences, and skills in a small living space! Eddie and Alison told us that it was a fantastic adventure filled with kitten and dog scuffles, tripping over each other, lots of laughter, some frustrating moments, and yet … they knew it was time to plant some roots, be closer to her parents, and have some darn space to spread out!

When we walked through the door of a home with a view of the Olympics and Liberty Bay, it was as if they knew, “Ah, we can settle in here, this is a community.” With two stories of room to roam, the kids, dogs, mom, and dad can all have their space to make their own. (After riding in the U-Haul van from Portland to Poulsbo, the kitties may take some time to recover and come out of hiding.)

From the day we made the offer until we had the privilege of handing them the keys, our running joke was: ”Are we there yet?!” Well, Eddie and Alison, welcome home. We are thrilled you’ve made Poulsbo your home.

Thank you to my dear friend, Mary Cowie at Alan Salon, for referring Eddie and Alison to the Mo-Minski team. We appreciate your trust in us so very much.

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