Buyers Story: Faith, Hope, & Love: The Greatest of These Is,...

Oh, where to begin when writing about my amazing client/friend, Debbie. We have been friends for many years. To know her is to love her heart. Even and especially when it was broken into a million pieces a year and a half ago when she unexpectedly and suddenly lost her husband, Mark, who was the love of her life. They were that family: Wonderful marriage, two beautiful kids, a rich community, and faith life. I don’t know how many teenagers, exchange students, and youth groups they hosted at their current home on Storybook Lane - probably hundreds!

As Debbie and her family grieved the deep loss of Mark, she began to explore the reality that her home was simply too big to manage moving forward. It was time for a new dream.

This is where her faith shone brightly. Always the caregiver and matriarch of the family, she needed a place where three generations of women (her mom, daughter, Emalee, and herself) could live in harmony (read: bathrooms and closet space for Emalee’s Miss Seattle’s Outstanding Teen competition ball gowns). Space for her son Micah and God Daughter Ashely, who are both away at college to comfortably come home to. They needed a space that offered both privacy, and togetherness for love and support as they began to rebuild their lives after heartbreaking loss.

Debbie wanted to be closer to downtown Poulsbo, where her church family and community was. She also wanted to ensure that her kids had their space - not just a room, but a home to come back to, even as they prepared to launch for college and beyond.

She found just the place to fill with love again in the new Sterling Homes development. Each aspect of her new home was chosen with faith and hope that all things work together for those who love the Lord.

While everything changed for this dear family, in the same light, nothing changed. They are still that family. A family of faith, hope, and love. A family who is doing their best to move forward, while grieving a love that was so beautiful and deep.

Welcome home, Nazarino family. May you build beautiful memories and traditions here in your new home, all while honoring Mark’s Legacy, which is all of you,...

Blessings and hugs.

Mo & Minski