Buyers Story: Murphy The Wonder Dog

When Beau and Maddee decided to take the leap and get a puppy last year, they had no idea how profound of a decision it would be. Murphy is no ordinary pup. He is a Great White Pyrenees, which means he is a hundred-pound ball of love, devotion, and chewing. You should see Maddee’s beautiful, pink wallet,... Murphy took one huge chunk out of it when Maddee forgot and left it out. Now, it looks like a horse bit a chunk out of it! You can even follow Murphy on his own Instagram page @murphy_thegreatpyr

Beau and Maddee are recent graduates of WSU, and yes, they say, “Go Cougs” all the time. They moved back home to Bremerton for their first jobs after graduation. With an ever-growing Murphy in a small apartment in downtown Bremerton, growing pains were imminent.

One day, Beau posted on Facebook asking for advice on a pup who was stressed when his people left for work. Murphy felt alone, and began to chew, whine, and beg (i.e. bark) for his people to please come home soon! Many pieces of advice poured in: weighted blankets, bark collars, doggie daycare, dog walker, etc. I jokingly posted, “Let’s go get Murphy his own backyard”. We started talking, and they quickly learned that they were pre-approved for a loan. We agreed on a nice, slow approach, to watch the market, and find the right home in the next six months to a year. Oh, when we plan, the universe says otherwise!

One week later, this sweet, young couple awoke in the middle of the night to Murphy barking insistently and jumping on the bed (no small thing to ignore at over a hundred pounds). Finally, Maddee groggily got out of bed, thinking Murphy must need to go outside to do his business.

As Maddee opened the door, smoke poured in! Their entire apartment building was on fire, people were evacuating, and Murphy literally saved their lives.

Beau and Maddee lost all of their personal belongings to smoke and water damage, their place to live, and, for a moment, their sense of safety. Family and friends came to the rescue with a place to call home and a Go Fund Me campaign. Their perspective throughout this experience has been nothing short of amazing, as they know they have lost possessions, but the real parts of life that are important - their lives, family, and future - are all safe and taken care of. Those are THE important parts, after all.

Needless to say, we amped up our search for the perfect space for Murphy to play, roam, and spend his days in luxury. In addition to a backyard, Maddee and Beau got an amazing kitchen and home office!

Their new home is in a lake community outside of Gig Harbor where they can host family, play at the lake, and take Murphy for long walks in the woods. To see them smile after what they have been through was the most amazing moment.

Welcome home, Maddee, Beau, and Murphy. Ashes can turn into beautiful, new beginnings. I can’t wait for barbeques and lake season with you at your new home.

Cheers to Murphy The Wonder Dog!