Cameron Kaminski: Growth from the Roots Up

Updated: Jan 9, 2019

Meet Cameron Kaminski. At 26 years old, Cameron has started his own business, lives in Brooklyn, New York, and can most likely be found connecting with artists at a music venue.

Cameron was born and raised on Bainbridge Island, Washington. For Cameron, a memorable part of growing up in the Northwest was supporting Seattle sports teams, from the Seahawks to the Mariners (yet of course, none compared to the Sonics).

Cameron and his family followed these teams, and they devoted Sundays to cheering on favorite players and heckling all others. He has always been quick with words and able to see past anyone who wasn’t authentic. He aims to always surround himself with people who work hard and are driven to go after their goals without sacrificing who they are along the way. Cameron has a unique awareness for the talents of individuals and importance of maintaining a supportive team behind them.

It was on Bainbridge Island that Cameron started as a rapper and performed as an artist. With Seattle right across the water, Cameron got a taste of a faster-paced city lifestyle and eventually moved to Washington, DC. There, he started building connections in the music industry. Cameron's girlfriend, Christy Hayek, introduced him to the artist “Ye." Soon after, Cameron transitioned from the artist side to the management side of the industry, and in 2016, he and his girlfriend Christy started a company to help musical artists grow. After his company picks up an artist, they help build a full package around their sound, artwork, live show design, PR, and so on. Cameron wants people to see artists as a complete package.

Cameron and Christy moved to Brooklyn, New York, in the beginning of 2017. He started working for the company Gook Looks Collective: booking shows, building lineups, and curating parties. From there, he and Christy started adding more artists to their company. They wanted to build something as their own, have control, and create sustainable living for themselves and their artists. These goals ignited the birth of his business: “Pachira,” the name of a tree that has strong roots, braided trunks, and branches with abundant leaves. They consider their company “genreless” — their only requirement? Good music that they love. Currently, they have six clients.

Cameron primarily handles tours, label connections, and communication. He values creating strong relationships with agents who book large shows. He also reaches out to labels to manage contracts and ensure that their artists’ music is distributed (via Apple Music, Spotify, etc.). He guarantees that his artists always have a full team around them and thus, he finds the right agent for each artist and guarantees that they fit into the shows.

Christy Hayek

His biggest challenges have been not giving up on anything and putting the time in to get what he wants. In this industry, you get rejected a lot and cannot be discouraged. Cameron remembers the value of what he has and trusts that it will get him to the right people. He appreciates opportunities to push past obstacles, see projects through, and ensure they’re completed authentically.

In the next year, Cameron aims for all the artists on his company’s roster to tour nationwide. He dreams of and works toward everyone living off their music and simply, making a living doing what they love.

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