Celebrity Island

Updated: Dec 6, 2018

I grew up in a tiny town of 800 people in the middle of nowhere Alaska. It's no surprise that we saw more grizzly bears than famous people. Although the guy from Into the Wild was discovered dead in a bus by my neighbors, I never met him nor was he famous when they found him. Around town, he was simply known as “the dead guy found in the bus.” You get the picture — it was nothing like the star-studded population that we find here on Bainbridge Island.

We all know about Chris Kattan and the Lady from Lost (Elizabeth Mitchell). I'm pretty sure they're on the brochure that people hand out on the ferry, but did you know we have lots more??

Why does this matter? It doesn't. Bainbridge is awesome regardless, but just like the guy in the bus, these folks put us on the map.

Actors: Laura Allen (raised here); Frank Buxton (BPA performer; died here); Dove Cameron (BPA performer; Sakai alum); Russell Johnson (died here); Chris Kattan (BHS Alum 1989/former resident); Dinah Manoff (resident); Elizabeth Mitchell (resident).

Authors: Bruce Barcott (resident); Jane F. Barry (resident); Jonathan Evison (BHS alum 1986); David Guterson (resident and 10-year BHS teacher); Kristin Hannah (resident); David Korten (resident); Jack Olsen (resident, died here); Susan Wiggs (resident).

Musicians: Chad Channing (resident); Bill Frisell (resident); Brendan Hill (Co-Owner of Paper & Leaf; resident); Ben Shepherd (resident); Andrew Wood (raised here).

Athletes: Kiel Reijnen (born here).

And there's more to our claim to fame!

Not bad for an island of less than 24,000 people.

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