Buyer Story: Charlotte’s Web

Updated: Mar 20, 2019

Every client has their own unique story, a set of wants and needs in a new home. At Mo-Minski, it's always about the story behind the purchase: The “why” behind the “what.” By understanding each client's "why," we're better able to find that dream house before someone else does.

With this mission in mind, we asked our clients Fabian and Heather: What you are looking for in a new home? Are you searching for land and privacy? Would you prefer a quieter lifestyle to raise your daughter, Charlotte? How important is commuting time? Will fast ferries impact your decision? Maybe this opportunity will make new towns and communities more accessible than before?

We all have our “why” we do “what” we do. Understanding our clients’ stories and needs is one of the key strengths that sets us apart from other brokers. These relationships are never just a transaction for us. We want to get to know you and what is important to you.

For our sweet clients, Fabian, Heather, and Charlotte, it was their dream to move out of small condo in downtown Seattle, spread their wings, and give Charlotte the same upbringing that Fabian had during his childhood in Germany. This vision included gardens, chickens, and space to explore and play. As an amazing chef, Fabian wanted a place to entertain guests as well as host his parents for extended periods of time, while not driving each other crazy … Heather agreed!

Heather, a stay-at-home mom by choice and stunning artist by training, needed her art studio space. This would be her mom time-out room, where she could have her peace and quiet, and paint!

A house is so much more than the number of bedrooms and bathrooms. It is the place that we create a lifestyle, choose schools and neighbors, and set down roots.

We looked and looked, and one day, as we were previewing a property, I snapped this photo of Charlotte playing in this tent. She wanted Auntie Terri to come inside and read her a story. All I could think was: we are finding Charlotte’s web. A place for her to grow up, feel safe and secure, and build her web. A space for her to play, and for her newfound Auntie Terri to come over and read her stories.

When they finally said “Yes” to Charlotte’s web, there were tears of happiness, hugs, and the beginnings of building a web for them all.

P.S. Don’t ruin the surprise, but there will be a special book under the Christmas tree this first year in Fabian and Heather’s new home for Charlotte.