Buyer Story: Dinosaurs

Updated: Mar 20, 2019

Yes, dinosaurs still roam among us—at least in the Keach household!

Oh, the places we’ll go, and the people we’ll meet. When things come full circle, it makes my heart smile. When I met clients Rebecca and Andrew Keach with their sweet son Alec, I learned they’re both teachers. Andrew teaches in Bremerton and Rebecca is a second-grade teacher at Wilkes Elementary School. My boys went to Wilkes years ago, so the immediate kinship opened a big soft spot in my heart.

The back story: Rebecca and Andrew wanted a home that was accessible and an easy commute for both of them. They also needed to expand from their one-bedroom condo, which started out as solely Rebecca’s. As love would have it, marriage and Andrew moved in, and then Alec was born. Rebecca recounted how they created a makeshift bedroom for Alec in the living room. Their sweet, little condo was a whopping 620 square feet for the three of them. Needless to say, they were bursting at the seams.

They wanted to find a place that had space to roam, some privacy, and most important to Alec, a place where his toy dinosaurs would feel at home. I’m not sure there was a day of looking at homes that Alec did not have at least one dinosaur tucked under each arm! He became my apprentice. He loved to help me unlock the door and turn on the lights. We nixed many locations that couldn’t fulfill the family’s vision for Alec.

As we know, the market has been red hot. In the price range we were searching in, we veered from options with either a great piece of property and a house that needed a lot of work, or nice homes on a funky lot. We feared if Alec went into the woods, he might never climb out of a ravine below!

We always ready clients by telling them: this is a marathon, not a sprint. In our market, we have to be prepared to place an offer on a home immediately and know there will most likely be multiple clients doing the same. This is inevitably an emotional rollercoaster. Will we be the highest bidder? Will it pass inspection? Does everyone in the decision-making circle agree?

There was never more than one home at a time to look at. We would rush out, they would fall in love, and we would put our best offer on the table. Much like in the dating world, you kiss a lot of frogs and get your heart broken before the right one comes along. We went through all the highs and lows of making four different offers; hard stuff. Yet, I just kept telling them: The right property will come along. We simply needed to stay ready.

Finally, late fall, we decided to look at a few homes that had *gasp* been on the market for longer than a week. We almost didn’t go see the last option because, on paper, it didn’t meet the Keaches’ criteria. But we walked inside, and their eyes lit up. It was beautiful, newly remodeled, and oh-so spacious.

Alec started to run laps in the living room, and the grin on his face said it all. That, and the dinosaurs under his arm. Up the stairs we ran (he ran). First, he saw a playroom, and quickly, he picked out his bedroom. Standing there looking out the window, I saw Andrew and Rebecca smile that same knowing smile: We have found home—but what if we get our hearts broken again? Yet, like love, we have to play the game if we intend to win.

Win we did! The home was owned by a wonderful, military family who had been relocated. They loved that our buyers were teachers, knowing how tight the market was, and wanted a good family to have their home. Yes, we had a match!

The day came to hand the Keaches the keys, and of course, mom and dad had prepared Alec for the move. He had his dinosaurs, went upstairs to his new bedroom, and placed them on the windowsill. Then, he ran laps in the living room, and I promised him we were finished looking at homes: this one was his.

With over 2,000 square feet, Rebecca and Andrew kept exclaiming, “there’s so much room!” There wasn’t any part of the space that needed to change. Welcome home, Keach family. I can’t wait to see how you fill it with love and memories.

Every love story deserves a happy ending. Thank you for sticking it out to find yours.