Dog Gone Stylish

This holiday season, we at Mo-Minski want to give some spotlight and love to our local artisans! When I saw these adorable dog fashion statements, I couldn’t resist. Meet local entrepreneur, mom of three, gardener extraordinaire, tournament poker player, and awesome wife: Lisa Brisson. Don’t make her mad, Paul - I know she has a mean poker face,...

I toured her shop on the south end of the island, right off Lynwood Center Road. She was hard at work creating all the darling dog collars, bows, leashes, and walking harnesses featured on her site, Dog Gone Stylish, and Facebook.

While touring her shop, she showed me her other fun and VERY Bainbridge Christmas line of reusable gift bags. No need for wasted wrapping paper, these canvas bags are incredibly cute and sustainable for the long run, from Santa to White Elephant gifts. You can find these creations on her site, Reusable Gift Bags, and Facebook.

We hope you will also show our locals some love this holiday season by shopping locally and sustainably!

Just don’t play poker with her - I promise she will take all your money!