Bainbridge Island Has Educational Choices Aplenty

Updated: Oct 9, 2019

Living amongst the nature of the Northwest alone can teach you about the beauty of the world. More pointedly though, Bainbridge Island offers a bounty of avenues for education, each alternative with its own unique approaches, philosophies, and communities. Whether you seek a strong and structured tradition or flexible and personalized plan, the myriad of schools on the island will ensure you find the program that best fits your learning style. Below are, not all options, but some to start acquainting you with the opportunities for growth that Bainbridge Island offers:

Hazel Creek Montessori: “Hazel Creek Montessori’s objective is to develop the whole child. Our programs offer a variety of daily activities to promote growth in the areas of academic, physical, social and emotional development.” This is a private school for toddlers and preschool-aged children, and after-school care for children up to twelve years of age.

Montessori Country School: “The parents and educators at MCS believe that children learn best in a community that is inclusive, respectful, compassionate, and filled with curiosity, and joyful discovery.” This is a private school for parents and infants, toddlers, primary ages from three to six, and elementary grades from kindergarten to fourth.

Mosaic Home Education Partnership: “Mosaic offers students a personalized, non-traditional learning environment where students and parents have a voice in determining what and how they learn.” This is a public school for kindergarten to eighth-grade students.

Captain Charles Wilkes Elementary: “This school is rated above average in school quality compared to other schools in Washington. Students here perform above average on state tests [and] are making above average year-over-year academic improvement.” This is a public school for kindergarten to fourth-grade students.

Captain Johnston Blakely Elementary: “Students at this school are making far more academic progress given where they were last year, compared to similar students in the state.” This is a public school for kindergarten to fourth-grade students.

Ordway Elementary School: “A safe and caring environment where all children will be successful students and responsible citizens.” This is a public school for kindergarten to fourth-grade students.

The Island School: “At The Island School we educate each of our children; we nourish their innate curiosity, inspire a lifelong enthusiasm for learning, and foster respect and appreciation for themselves and others.” This is a private school for kindergarten to fifth-grade students.

Carden Country School: “We offer a truly unique educational approach and student experience that is centered around the development of mind, heart, and character.” This is a private school for kindergarten to eighth-grade students.

Madrona School: “Our students experience a joyful, child-centered education that honors the human spirit, offers academics integrated with art and movement, instills and nurtures a sense of wonder and creativity, and develops resourcefulness, compassion, and confidence.” This is a private school of Waldorf education for first to eighth grades, mixed-age nature kindergartens, preschool, parent-child, and parent-infant classes.

Odyssey Multiage Program: “Our program was founded on the belief that all students can become motivated and self-directed, that parent involvement in and outside the classroom is key to academic success and that involving students meaningfully in their community allows them to connect what they are learning in the classroom to their lives in the outside world.” This is a public school for first to eighth-grade students.

Sonoji Sakai Intermediate School: “[The school is] committed to creating a caring, collaborative learning community, dedicated to preparing involved and capable members of a diverse society.” This is a public school for fifth and sixth-grade students.

Hyla Middle School: “In this environment, we provide a strong academic program that develops competent, self-reliant problem solvers. Beyond academics, we strive to help students grow as individuals with integrity.” This is a private school for sixth, seventh, and eighth-grade students.

Woodward Middle School: “The students, staff, and families of Woodward Middle School are dedicated to developing relationships with our students and our fellow staff members while honoring them as individuals.” This is a public school for seventh and eighth-grade students.

Eagle Harbor High School: “[This is] an environment in which students can create and direct their academic program, while they explore their role and relevance in the wider community.” This is a public school for ninth to twelfth-grade students.

Bainbridge High School: “[This school inspires] all members of our school

community to value learning, think critically and creatively, practice integrity, and act as compassionate citizens.” This is a public school for ninth to twelfth-grade students.