Explore Bainbridge: Where oh Where?

Where oh where? Let's explore Bainbridge Island and enjoy a few of our favorite locales. Test your island knowledge by guessing where these photos were taken. Answer key, links, and more information on our featured locations below.

1. Vintage Bainbridge. An oldie, but a goodie. Where oh where?

2. We know, we know: this ones a no-brainer. Nevertheless, WE LIVE HERE. Where oh where?

3. This gem hides in plain sight. Where oh where?

4. A fun one for the kids. No hints! Where oh where?

5. We imagine this Greek mathematician never dreamed the Elements would turn out this good. Where oh where?

6. Follow the path. The view only gets better from here. Where oh where?

Follow the links for more info on our featured locations. Explore Bainbridge.

1. Bainbridge Bakers (Now the Good Egg) 2. Eagle Harbor 3. Historic Wyatt House (Wyatt & Madison) 4. Pegasus 5. Port Madison 6. Bainbridge Thai