Fall Colors from the Comfort of Your Car

Summer on Bainbridge Island invites the best dock-jumping in Puget Sound and picnics in beautiful parks. Winter beckons you into the coziest bakeries and along the mistiest, rain-covered trails. However, fall’s charm might be the most mesmerizing you have yet to encounter.

You might cruise along NE Koura Road and gaze upon the expansive Meadowmeer Golf Course surrounded by lush forests and fields sprinkled with accents of gold. On the other side of Highway 305, Sunrise Drive NE gives you one of the longest stretches of spice-toned trees brilliantly arching over a two-way road, with peeks of Rolling Bay over the crest of every hill. Around a rugged point, you come across Manitou beach, parting the thick, auburn and sage woods to reveal one of the most gorgeous views of the Seattle skyline across Murden Cove and the Sound.

Rockaway Beach Road NE is one of the island’s classically winding roads that inspires the heavy fog to settle in the warm, amber-shaded pockets and hollows of the sloping landscape. This twisting perimeter will lead you to Blakely Avenue NE where many historical buildings are trimmed in crisp white against a cloud-filled backdrop of iron and steel grays. Bring your hued journey to its finale along Point White Drive NE, and autumn’s chorus will sing loudly around every smooth, honey-tinted turn.