Buyer Story: Finn Gets a Home

Updated: Mar 20, 2019

When you drive a Subaru wagon with an eight-week-old chocolate lab from Anchorage, Alaska, to Poulsbo, Washington, a couple of things become apparent. Travis and Kellie shared such realizations with me.

First, it is a looong way from Anchorage to Poulsbo, as you must go all the way through Canada! The drive is 2,275 miles from point to point, as Kellie proudly noted.

Secondly, puppies, like Finn, need to play and run, and don’t much like being crated for days on end. As mom and dad made the journey to the Northwest for their new jobs and first house, Finn was quickly ready to be done with this road trip.

When I first met Travis, Kellie, and Finn, we strategized about what was important in a home for them: room to roam for Finn and great running trails were top priorities on their list! Imagine! Well, that and a home office for Travis. I shared that the market is very competitive, and we would need to be ready to make that offer if and when they found the perfect place. It's not often that you find the ideal house on the first day, let alone the second house you look at that day, but Travis and Kellie were an exception. When you know, you just know.

I love it when a plan comes together, and it may have helped that Travis and Kellie were living with the in-laws, ready to spread their wings, and set some roots down of their own — quickly!

Today, I handed the keys to Travis, Kellie, and Finn. Let the roaming and romping begin. The huge smile says it all: Welcome home. Finn, mom, and dad are ready to hit those running trails — and I’m not sure who's more excited to be home.