Go Boldly Into Your Design Vision

Updated: Apr 3, 2019

Some people are slow processors, researching every angle, with each detail firmly in place before moving forward. Well, that’s not my style. I see many homes as I tour with clients, looking for their dream home. When I finally was successful in the offer I made on my sweet “Cottage by the Sea”, I was, to put it mildly, ready to dive right in and get this place remodeled! I wanted my thumbprint on my new home. Home is so very important to me. My place of refuge. Spaces that say warmth, welcome, and delight.

While I loved the “bones” of my new cottage, not much felt warm or delightful. The general vibe was one of the late 90’s: wood panel laminate doors, cheap trim, lights, the proverbial ceiling fan that ohhh sooo needed to be updated, paint colors that made me want to throw up a little bit (ICK!), and the worst carpet that had years of someone else’s dirt. Nope, there was no time to ponder, it was time for action! It all needed to go - yesterday!

For the first month, I “camped” in my new cottage. A bed, desk and, couch were all I had brought to my place. The beehive of activity was overwhelming and chaotic, but doors were cut from frames, and lights, fans, trim, and old icky carpet hit the dump that first week. This is when I learned my first big lesson in remodel: It matters who your contractors are! The team of workers in my home were fantastic! Adam Deardorf of North Town Construction has built the most amazing team of professionals that I've ever worked with. They were prompt, knowledgeable, fast, and most mind-blowingly, kind!

At one point, the contractor said to me: “I know this process is stressful for homeowners. How are you doing? Is there anything we can do to make this more workable for you?”. WHAT! Did I just hear you correctly? You want to know how to work around what I need,… umm yes, I will be referring you to everyone I know! Thus, Step 1 to surviving the remodel: the right contractor.

Deconstruction in our homes is much like navigating difficult emotions in our lives - it is messy, stressful, and hard work. Yet, in order to arrive where we want to be, this step is where we start. Oh, and Tip #1: Hire the professionals. I've learned you get what you pay for. It is worth every penny.