Hawaii: A Pacific Kind of Love Part: 2

A true joy of finding an empty beach is the ability to walk barefoot in the sand with a book in my hands. With sea turtles in the distance and the tide kneading the shore’s seashells, we knew we’d found a pocked of heaven.

By sunset, we were at Anna and Luan’s oceanside wedding, applauding the married couple’s first steps forward together, cheering on fire dancers, savoring delicious seafood, and dancing into the night.

Upon hearing about the Princeville Ranch, we booked a guided zipline adventure called the “Zip and Dip” where varying zip lines over winding rivers, dense valleys, and constant views of the mountains led us down to a trail and waterfall. We swam at the base of the refreshing waterfall until lunchtime, where we ate at a picnic table surrounded by sweet-smelling flowers and warm, occasional rain showers.

After returning home to rinse and repeat, we went to Tunnels Beach, which was right up against mighty mountains and irresistible caves. The swell was too strong for us to swim, so Fran, Kendall, and I explored little coves framed by the blackest of lava rock. We wandered into an expansive cave that gradually grew smaller the deeper we went.

Waking up bright and early to drive to Port Allen, we boarded a Holo Holo boat cruise for the Napali Coast. The wind was so intense that those who were prone to motion sickness were advised to opt out of the journey. Determined to optimize our time on the island and armed with anti-nausea medication, Kendall, Amy, and I embarked on the Catamaran. We sailed alongside dolphins leaping up and out of waves, flying fish skirting the surface, and the majesty of the Napali coastline - all of which are forever etched in our favorite memories of our time on this stunning Earth.