I Am an Interior Therapist

Updated: Feb 8, 2019

When people invite you to be their designer, they are inviting you into the most intimate places of their worlds. Your home, interior design, and aesthetic represent so much more than decor and functionality. Your space is an extension of your self. Your space is a reflection of you. Throw in the added components of money, spouses/partners, perhaps children, opinionated parents, friends, Pinterest, and Instagram (oh, the heaven and hell of Instagram, where we can be moved to great heights of inspiration or plummeted to great depths of envy), and you have a situation that has the potential to be fraught with tension, conflict, and most certainly, BIG FEELINGS. So many feelings.

My idea to create and patent my own new industry of “Interior Therapy” came out of a recent experience. My very dear friend, who is herself a real estate professional and also deals with clients' big feelings all day, every day, had just purchased her own new home. As we brainstormed, dreamed, and planned for this transformation and move, we recognized that this transition was a very a big deal.

Emotions were frayed, bandwidths were narrow, and anxiety was high. This is the ideal recipe for "flipping your lid" (that's therapy talk for losing your sh*t). So, that happened. She lost it, not in an alienating or mean way, because she's an incredible human and would never do that, but in a really sweet way. You know what? She was not the first and will not be the last. This is what it means to be an interior designer. You counsel, hug, talk down from ledges, hand-hold, mediate, and translate between partners. Oh, and yes, you create beautiful spaces that bring great joy and improve the functionality of your clients’ lives, within their budgets, in a way that speaks to their own souls, values, and aesthetics. I love this.

What an honor to be up close and personal, invited into the guts, closets, bedrooms, and embarrassing, messy places in people's lives. To create inspiration and beauty for these lovely clients is to improve their day-to-day experience. No, I am not dramatizing (although, I do have a penchant for it). I believe our physical environments have the power to elevate, inspire, motivate, calm, nurture, and improve our lives. They can also take away from our enjoyment and productivity, and this is where I enter the picture. I create a vision and plan to not only alleviate visual chaos and discord, but to improve life with beauty.

On that note, here is a picture of my "therapy dog," Ruby, playing her part as a decorative item in my house. Let me clarify that she is not my "therapy dog" because she provides therapeutic and restorative energy to my life, but because owning her inspires me to go to therapy.

She is a narcissist. If you've ever lived with one, you'll understand.

If you need help elevating your style you can find me at: Connect with Kristin at kristin@christinewerlin.com or follow me on facebook, instagram or Pinterest. I am busily making the world more gorgeous over here at Christine Werlin Design and Decor and invite you to check out our website and take a look at some of our work!

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