Lake Tahoe Time

Cameron & Kendall Kaminski

Ahhhhh vacations - time to slow down, re-center, and spend time with those you love.

This business can be crazy, stressful, and all-consuming. Mo (Shannon) and I try to relieve each other at least once a year to take some time away to rest and relax. This is one of the greatest benefits of working in a team environment. First off, thank you, Shannon, for holding down the fort while I have had ten glorious days by the lake with Kendall, Cameron, Molly, Lacey, Taylor, and assorted friends who dropped in to play pool, sit in the hot tub, eat great meals on the deck, and simply be together.

Lake Tahoe. Photo Credit. Kendall Kaminski

In general, the lake is my happy place, but Lake Tahoe is the crowning jewel. Both for its beauty and because my youngest son, Kendall (a contributing photographer for the blog), and his significant other, Miss Molly (our travel and 98110 blog writer and editor), call this place home.

Photo Credit Terri Kaminski

Kendall came seven years ago to attend Sierra Nevada College and never left. Who can blame him? He studied at a school that was like an opulent ski resort, and the lake and surrounding mountains were his classrooms. Lake Tahoe is one of the most gorgeous bodies of water in the world, with the same blue hues you would find in the Caribbean, only in a freshwater lake.

Kendall’s love of water has landed him a great career at the North Tahoe Marina, where he attends to clientele and their amazing boats. The wooden Chris-Craft boats will make you dream of chucking it all and simply cruising the lake for the rest of your life.

When I arrived, Kendall arranged for a day out on the lake for us, as you can’t come to Tahoe and not get out on the water. We spent the day on a twenty-seven foot Cobalt wake surfing, wakeboarding, swimming, and sightseeing.

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To be with my grown sons, enjoy, laugh, sip Coronas on the beach, make memories, and reconnect are the things that fill my heart with joy. Tahoe, you have my heart for all the right reasons.

Kendall, Molly, Lacy, Terri, Cameron

Until next time, thank you Tahoe, Kendall, and Molly for showing us all a great time.