Mid-Century Modern Mixed with Brutal Beauty

Mid-century modern is a look that dominates interiors and is still sought after by many in the Pacific Northwest. It is simple, clean, and everywhere. Now, brace yourself: it’s boring. GASP! Hold on, let me finish. I find any stand-alone style boring. I strongly believe that adding a twist borrowed from another style helps create interest, adds a layer of surprise, and, let’s face it, makes your neighbors jealous. Let me introduce you to Brutalism.

Brutalism is a term that has strictly been applied to raw cement architecture with repeated modular elements. Today this -ism is adopting furnishings with similar features and materials including cement, rough-hewn stone, and metal. It’s like our favorite industrial look of the early 2000s mixed with mid-century modern.

Raw, rough, and seriously confident, Brutalism gives boldness to our mild mid-century. It's quickly distinguishing itself as a forceful style that promises to be uncompromisingly sexy.

There is no need to do any major overhaul to your mid-century interior. You can simply add pieces that will give it the edge you need. Here are a few products I suggest and have available for order:

If you need help elevating your style or getting this look, you can find me at: christinewerlin.com.