Get a Coastal Look Without the Clichés

Updated: Dec 6, 2018

Do you hope to celebrate your new waterfront (or near water) dream home with a coastal look, but don’t want to turn it into an uncomfortable cliché? Skip the obvious look for a beachy one that you can actually live with. That’s right: ditch the seashells and porthole mirrors! Instead, let’s change your design focus while elevating your overall style. Here are my tips on how to make it happen:


  • Focus: Use raw or weathered materials. Try fabrics, like linen or jute, and unstained woods. Cement is also a great choice that works well inside the home. In addition, look for natural, free-form shaped furniture and accessories.

  • Elevate: Wow with hints of aged brass or some seriously shiny metals.


  • Focus: Use light, washed-out, or faded colors.

  • Elevate: Look for patterns and textures that give a voice to the lighter colors. Try replacing the typical beach stripe for a more contemporary pattern. If blue is still your favorite, use it in a surprising way, like in the form of a lush velvet.


  • Focus: Use relaxed-looking furniture and fabrics, with loose or large weaves.

  • Elevate: The furniture does not have to be sloppy or boring in order to be comfortable. Make sure the pieces have something that catches your eye. The coastal life doesn’t have to be anchored by sailboats and sea glass. In case you find yourself adrift (sorry), here are a few products that I suggest and have available for order:

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