Mo-Minski Makes the News!

Updated: Jan 26, 2019

Look for our full-page ad in today's 98110

OK, OK, so we’re not really in the news. But we *are* in the newspaper with a full-page ad in today’s 98110 Bainbridge Island Review! For our ad copy, we sat down to discuss our recent move to Charter Real Estate. Mercury Michael, owner and designated broker of Charter, added his thoughts on Mo-Minski joining the Charter team. Here’s what we had to say!


When Shannon & Terri sat down to create a team name, they wanted something fun, unique, and memorable. Something that would highlight the importance of connection. What started as a joke by combinding their last names, has since become their inspiration to reinvent the traditional real estate approach. Mo-Minksi was born. (Don't you think the real estate world could use more smiles to counter the intense journey of buying and selling real property? Just try to say "Mo-Minksi" without smiling.)

Terri Kaminski and Shannon Morgan—the Bainbridge Island real-estate team known as Mo-Minski—believe strongly in that intuition. They each felt it when they decided to move to Bainbridge Island decades ago, and they felt it again late last year when they decided to join Charter Real Estate, the independent brokerage firm that Mercury Michael launched in April 2018.

The Mo-Minski team offers not just superlative real-estate expertise, but something truly unique. The Mo-Minski website,, shares authentic stories of the people and places of Bainbridge Island and our nearby neighbors. From brand-new residents to those who were born and raised in 98110, features in-depth profiles of the people who live and work here—what they love, how they live, and what really matters. And to celebrate the creative energy of this island, local experts write about interior design, lifestyle, health, food and wine, books, and music, and share DIY tutorials. Throughout, the site is woven with stunning photographs—and a lot of love.


When launched last year, Shannon fielded questions about why she and Terri would put so much effort into sharing other people’s stories and expertise.

“Showcasing other people and their talents doesn’t ‘detract’ from us,” Shannon notes. “It only adds to who we are. Inclusivity is a big part of what makes Bainbridge feel like home. And it’s something I want to teach my kids, so I’m passionate about walking the talk with this website.”

Take note, however: it’s not all puppies and rainbows (though we’re fond of those, too). Life isn’t easy, and it’s the challenges and vulnerabilities that connect us. The Mo-Minski team keeps it real. “Being who you are is far more rewarding than maintaining a façade of who other people want you to be,” Terri observes. “So, when you browse the ‘People’ category at, sometimes you’ll come across the kind of details you won’t find in a LinkedIn bio.”

When Mercury Michael first perused, he instantly understood what Shannon and Terri were doing. He saw the site’s value as well as its potential. “I love what Terri and Shannon have brought to Charter,” Mercury says. “They’ve tapped into the energy of who they are, and they’ve found their voice far earlier than many other brokers. I really admire that. Everyone likes to say they’re doing something different—but Shannon and Terri really are doing something different.”


For their part, Shannon and Terri were excited to join an independent brokerage that didn’t have to pay homage to a corporate office. They saw that while Mercury is a perennial top agent in the field as well as Charter’s designated broker, he’s excited to support his team and help them achieve their success.

“Joining Mercury’s team was an obvious yes,” Shannon says. “His enthusiasm is inspiring. And with Charter’s independent structure, we have the flexibility to meet the particular needs of any individual client. We can be creative, think outside the box, and really put our experience and people skills to good use.”


Shannon Morgan and Terri Kaminski invite you to visit and see what the site is all about. New content is created and posted several times each week, so if you like what you see, subscribe to stay in the loop. You can also find the Mo-Minski team at Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Vero—and at Charter Real Estate, located at 701-B Winslow Way East in the Farmers Insurance building. Online or in person, pull up a chair and have a cup of coffee. You might just find yourself at home.