Molly Coffyn: Writer, Editor

Updated: Mar 6, 2019

Molly Coffyn is 24 years old and passionate about reading with a cup of tea in hand, working with kids, and spending time outdoors with those she loves. She is currently living her dream where the mountains meet the lake.

Born in California, Molly lived in San Francisco and then San Diego. Later she moved to Bainbridge Island, Washington. She is grateful to have grown up in the Northwest, from kayaking around Eagle Harbor to hiking with her mom in the Grand Forest; from dancing at Bainbridge Dance Center to cheering on her sister, Kelly, playing soccer at Battle Point; from eating toast with friends at Blackbird Bakery to dock-jumping with her sister, Lacey, at Port Madison.

After high school, Molly attended Willamette University as an English major and French minor. It was at Willamette that she discovered her love for individualized education and the importance of helping others share their stories authentically.

After graduating, Molly moved to Incline Village, Nevada. In Tahoe, she first worked as a Project Manager at an independent, nonprofit school. She managed processes and policies across all departments and wrote and monitored students’ academic plans. After a year, she left with the hope of offering personalized learning on her own terms as a private tutor.

Currently, Molly teaches kids who don’t always learn best in a traditional school setting. She homeschools and tutors students ranging in all grade levels and in all subjects. She concentrates specifically on reading comprehension and writing development. Molly works best one-on-one, where she can identify student and parent/guardian goals, and individualize her teaching approaches to fit students’ learning styles. She is also a caregiver, providing companionship for a young adult with cerebral palsy. She counsels on responsible behaviors and strategies for success.

When not working, Molly loves to read fiction, practice yoga at a local studio, and hike trails around Lake Tahoe. In the warmer seasons, she runs and kayaks, and in the colder ones, skis and snowmobiles. She is always up for gathering with those she loves to enjoy healthy, homemade meals and beautifully built teas. She loves curling up by the fire to edit and write articles for the Mo-Minski website. This kind of work wholeheartedly aligns with the kind of thoughtful lifestyle that she has dreamt of.