Point White Reno

Updated: Jan 25, 2019

As part of a remodel on Point White, our client wanted new windows in his 1955 home. Typical of Bainbridge Island, the waterfront house had been remodeled and added onto two or three times, with very little documentation or adherence to standard building practices. What we thought was a bedroom turned out to have been something like a sleeping porch. At one point, siding and a heater had been added to this space and more recently, glass had been installed. Due to poor insulation and inoperable windows, the room was drafty and uncomfortable, regardless of the season. When we opened up the window casings to remove the old glazing, we realized the need to reframe an entire wall in order to bring it into code and pass inspection.

These conditions presented a perfect opportunity to update the exterior. Reframing a wall necessitates new siding, new house wrap, and of course, new color. On account of high winds in the area, we also opted for commercial waterproofing materials over the traditional residential products that are more commonly available. Surprisingly, they are similar in cost, but the former are more durable (fewer leaks).

Since the new wall framing could expand into the lower floor at any depth, we decided to wrap the lower floor with the same siding detail and leave the existing concrete exterior intact. Basically, we used deeper studs. This meant that the lower floor siding could stay on the building. We eliminated the demolition phase (and the associated costs and mess) from a portion of the project.

We decided to coat the lower exterior with a roll-on, water-resistant membrane (the black substance in the pictures) in order to provide additional weather resistance. Then, we applied pressure-treated wood battens to the exterior and attached HardiePanel siding over the top with stainless-steel screws, nails, and dynamic adhesive (really strong and flexible caulk that works within a large temperature range).

The new look is clean and simple, and the additional layer of material between the interior and wind adds insulative value. The new, operable windows make the interior more comfortable in all seasons. We simply love this stuff.

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