Pots of Curb Appeal

Updated: Dec 6, 2018

I’ve always loved Bainbridge Gardens. The eye simply can’t settle in one place. Hues of green and every imaginable flower grace the walkways of the greenhouses and outdoor areas. As you walk and wander, one can’t help but be inspired to create something beautiful.

Layers of texture, bold colors, and the ability to fit “just one more plant” in a pot all come together to create a welcoming feature for your home. The greatest aspect is that, when our native Northwest plants are all bloomed out for the season, you can select other specimens that bloom all summer long.

I love to layer the tall spikes, ferns, and grasses to anchor the plantings. Then, pick a color scheme and stick with it to create a look and feel of continuity, yet with a bit of surprise. My kids always loved that I planted herbs in with the flowers — blending function with flair.

Mint and chives give you the tall, green backdrop. Stunning, pink hydrangeas give that wow factor. Rosemary tumbles over the edges and spills down the container. Underground are potatoes. The greenery is lovely, and bonus: you can dig in the dirt this fall and show the kids your inner farmer.

One of the things that we love to do here at Mo-Minski is help you create beauty, especially as you prepare your home for market. We want every aspect of your home, from the first time a buyer lays eyes on your property, to have the feeling of “Welcome Home.” Plantings can help create an atmosphere of delight and whimsy. Color speaks to our senses, smells beckon our memories, and all layered together, we believe in pots and pots of color as a way to delight the imagination.

Go for it, create something beautiful. Or call us, and we will make a house call to fill your pots for you!

The world needs more color!