Ric Vaughan: The Recording Studio is an Amazing Beast

The recording studio is an amazing beast. When you walk into a sleeping room, you feel the energy that was expended there and anticipation of the energy soon to be released. You can go from dead quiet to a storm of loud amps and guitars, bass and drums, horn, strings, and anything in between. My draw has always been the music, and gear invented and manufactured to capture that sound. The studio is a living, breathing thing that needs us to animate it. Have you ever been to, say, the 5th Avenue or Paramount Theatre in Seattle and entered early or stayed well after the curtain fell? There's a peace, a calm, a rest that comes over the place. This time to sleep is just as important to the feeling of a studio or theater as their intended creative frenzy.

It is a temple.

I love everything about creating these spaces and using them to their highest potential. To steer these beautiful ships into sacred waters, and be ever ready to capture the magic of music and personal performances. Sometimes, these are once-in-a-lifetime opportunities, while other times, they are simply another day on the job, yet the studio is ever ready to facilitate the expression of the art. As engineers, producers, or even musicians, it is our job is to be prepared for the timeless moment when that sound in the air is committed to the recording medium of choice. This moment is fleeting and beautiful.

Be ready. The studio is.

Ric Vaughan is "that guy": Head instructor at Ruby Studio @ Monkey Trench in Bremerton WA.

With over thirty-five years in the field as a recording engineer, Grammy-nominated mastering engineer, world-class studio designer, and professional musician. Ric champions a “been there, done that” approach to instruction. This philosophy provides students with a realistic grasp of audio engineering and the entertainment industry at large. Ric has designed and built studios in the U.S., Europe, and Asia, and his work has been featured by CNN and Mix Magazine.

For more info on the audio program at Ruby email ric.vaughan@gmail.com