Sellers Story: 11129 Forest Lane - Rock & Roll Kitchen Crew

This lovely home has been the center of life for Reid, Erin, and their three daughters for the past twenty-one years. Erin, with a smile emanating from her face and eyes, takes that stroll down memory lane with me,...

Sleepovers, the laughter that would come from the lower level of the home, four giggling, singing, snuggling, laughing, and bouncing (they bounced on anything) girls!

My initial thought was: “Oh heavens, poor Reid! How did he cope with all that female energy?” However, I quickly learned that he was the ring leader! The family told me of their Rock and Roll Kitchen Crew, where, after dinner, they would blast music: Justin Bieber, NSync, or Train. Erin laughs as she tells me, “Not one of us could sing, but we didn’t care!” They would bust out the after-dinner dishes, mop the floor, sing, and be silly, all as a family.

With a porch that looked out over the Meadowmeer golf course, summers were spent out on the deck, whether it was an art studio set up for the girls with glitter, watercolor paints, and crafts, or dinners with family and friends as music played long past bedtime. Sheryl Crow, Jack Johnson or Jimmy Buffet. These are the summer soundtracks that keep this sweet family tied together even now that they are all grown and flown the nest.

Many wonderful memories turned this house into a home. The surrounding amenities didn’t hurt either, she tells me with a laugh. Just down the road is Hazel Creek Montessori, where the girls learned to ride horses and swim. Meadowmeer Golf Club is a three-minute walk, as is Bainbridge Athletic Club, where there is a brand new outdoor pool opening up this summer.

With both school buses and public transportation a thirty-second walk from their home, there is a reason they fell in love with island-living - everything was so close and accessible.

As the girls have each grown and launched to the other side of the “water”, as we islanders call it, Reid and Erin felt the pull as well. To be closer to his mom in Sammamish as she ages, and make it easier for their girls to pop in and spend time, they found a lakefront place where they can sit on the shore and sip a cold one.

It is hard to let go of a lifetime of memories, but let go we never do. We cherish them, recall the great times, and look forward to new chapters. Life is rich and full. Remember, mom and dad, home is where you are. Your Rock and Roll Kitchen Crew will sing new songs in the kitchen at your new home. I am sure many new family traditions and memories will be awaiting you on the other side of the “water”.

This home has held you well and now, prepares to hold the next owners with all the wonderful things that make 11129 Forest Ln NE the perfect spot on the “Rock”.

Sing on family!

Come visit the ‘Rock & Roll’ kitchen in person Saturday between 1-4pm!