Sellers Story: 13000 NE Trail Heights - The 7th Wind

Life comes at us in chapters, each with its own set of battles to be fought, victories to be claimed, or love to be found. Such is the story of Alexandra and Alan, who moved to Bainbridge Island four and a half years ago after they met and fell in love in L.A. They met, as many do in our modern world, online. A new chapter in life was unfolding in beautiful ways.

After visiting our island and falling in love with the beauty of the Northwest water, trees, space, and privacy, they bought their home here in Hidden Cove.

Which backed up to over a hundred acres of trails and green space. It was exactly the kind of place that they had dreamed of. Nature became Alexandra’s muse as she returned to her music career and began composing her one-woman, musical show.

Alan, who is an entrepreneur as well, had his own command center above the garage for work and creative space. He is currently working on a project to give youth and young adults tools through daily, motivational videos, online education, and conferences to transform their lives (

Over the past year, we began our search for new properties. I grew to know Alan and Alexandra on a beautiful, personal level, and heard their dreams about pursuing individual and collective passion projects.

Time and stories merged into a vision of living with a stunning view of the water, which Bainbridge is known for. As we looked out across Puget Sound towards Seattle, Alexandra would say, “We live on an island, after all, maybe it’s time to trade in the privacy and green space for THAT VIEW”.

As we looked and pondered a move to a home with a view, they simultaneously bought kayaks with the thought, “Let’s get out on the water, even if we don’t live on it”. The draw was instant and alluring. The more time they spent on the water, the more they loved it, and a new and exciting chapter began without them even realizing it. They looked at each other and said, “Our careers and projects are transferable, so we can go anywhere. What if we bought a boat and lived ON the water!” With eyes lit up, a dream awakened, and they said YES! We only get one amazing life - let’s do this!

Meet the 7thWind, their gorgeous catamaran which was named such because, in our lives, it is not what we do when life throws us obstacles, it is how we choose to respond to those obstacles. When we get knocked down, do we get back up a second, third, fourth and even seventh time? Yes, and, in the process, new, amazing chapters are written. From L.A. to Bainbridge Island, to the Caribbean and wherever the wind takes them (you can follow their adventures at May the wind be always at your backs. You’ve given us all a beautiful example of love and inspiration to live our best lives. Sail on, friends, and save me a space in the guest quarters. I’m coming to visit one day!

- 13000 NE Trail Heights, Bainbridge Island WA 98110 - MLS# 1432802 -