Stars on Madison and Stripes on Winslow

When the Fourth of July makes its way to Bainbridge Island, your journey to the heart of town will be easiest if you bike or walk. If you drive, you will want to park far away from these main streets, perhaps near the Aquatic Center, and stroll down Madison Ave. North towards the festivities surrounding Winslow Way.

As you walk down this avenue, you might hear the Stars & Strikers Old Timers’ baseball game starting at the Bainbridge High School field, or catch a hint of the Traditional Pancake Breakfast and/or the gypsy jazz band, Ranger & the Re-Arrangers, in the Town & Country Market parking lot. Starting in the same parking lot, your vision will skirt over thearts-and-crafts, food, non-profit, and information booths that scatter the streets down to the Waterfront Park.

If you aren’t participating yourself, look out for those on the Family Fun Run, hosted by the Bainbridge Youth Services. Whether you run or applaud others onward, you can head to the Winslow Mall around lunchtime where That’s A Some Pizza’s eating contest will be well on its way, and you can sway to the sound of the Home Town Band’s traditional John Philip Sousa-style music.

Ensure yourself a seat somewhere along Madison Ave. and Winslow Way before the mile-long parade kicks off. From the gems of the Classic, Antique, and Special Interest Car Show, to kids’ sports teams cheering proudly, to local businesses showcasing their latest projects, to the never-ending stream of candy thrown to you, laughter and smiles will abound.

The street fair will bring together families and friends with sounds of jovial live music, views from a beautiful photo exhibit and Young Artisan Market, and laughter in the Kids’ Zone’s musical games, pony rides, and activities. If you’re searching for the most joyous of small-town celebrations steer your holiday spirits towards the Grand Old Fourth on Bainbridge Island.