Take that Solo Trip!

Photo Credit: Terri Kaminski

Travel is a sacred gift. Time to explore, recharge, and spend time with family or friends, all of which are food for my soul. Yet, as a fifty-eight-year-old woman, I couldn’t remember the last time I traveled just for myself, by myself - that epic road trip where I could choose where I went, what I saw, and how long to meander until MY heart was content.

This past month, I finally took that trip and went on my own epic solo journey along the Highway 101 coastline. I spent nine glorious days on Lake Tahoe with my sons, which was the greatest gift. As they are grown, those times are hard to find, so we soaked in great laughter, meals, and time on the lake.

I found myself with some extra time before needing to head back to work. I was totally undone by the epiphany that I felt I had to accomplish something en route home, rather than simply wander and take time for myself. (Here, my first set of curious questions began to bubble) Why did it take my amazing business partner, Shannon, giving me permission to do something for myself? Hmmm,...

Photo Credit: Terri Kaminski

To stop and remember: I am enough, just as I am, and what I want is enough. I deserve to take time just for me, without expectations, caregiving, or fixing something.

Terri's Traveling Companion

The tears came in waves, and the journey (inside and out) began. I quickly mapped a route home that I had never taken before. The next morning, with my traveling partner in the passenger seat and the top down on the jeep, we took off!

I started in Northern California and wound my way towards home. North was, not only the direction of the highway, but my true north as well.

You see we, especially moms, spend our lives tending to, worrying about, and caring for everyone but ourselves. When the kids become amazing young adults, and we find ourselves in empty nests, it takes some time to truly find ourselves and what makes us happy. This solo journey can be both exhilarating and scary, as there are no distractions to keep us from our inner thoughts. As the miles rolled by, I had time to ponder, sing at the top of my lungs, and take in the beauty of a long and winding road. I crested a hill, and there staring back at me was the most spectacular sunset dropping into the ocean. I pulled over, sat at the edge of the ocean, and watched in awe. Just me, the sunset, and no one for as far as the eye could see.

Holy ground and sacred manna for my soul!

Photo Credit: Terri Kaminski

It took me three days to wander up the coast, through Redwood forests and beside beautiful vistas of the ocean meeting sandy beaches.

There was more than just a little retail therapy at out-of-the-way antique shops, and my tummy was filled with the freshest seafood that you can imagine.

Mostly though, my soul was nourished and care for self was fed. I remembered that I am enough, more than enough, and deserve to wander and meander just because I can. To each of us: Take that solo trip! Find the way that nourishes you because, my friends, we are all worth it.

Photo Credit Terri Kaminski