The 5 Details That Make Your Home POP!

"It's all in the details” they say, and I couldn’t agree more. As I began to tackle the remodel, everything around me screamed 1990’s. Especially the laminate pressboard trim around the whole house. ACK!

Detail #1: Trim. It must go - all of it!

We decided on a craftsman style, wide trim. As such a timeless and classic look, it lends itself to the coastal cottage feel. Once all was painted that creamy, delightful white, everything began to settle in my soul. Ahh, so beautiful.

Detail #2: Lights,... camera, action. Yes, lights! Nothing gives away the age of an older home more than the dated orbs hanging in the halls, bedrooms, dining and living areas.

Once we picked our theme of coastal farmhouse, oh the fun we had searching the dark web for the thousands of options out there. Our goal: find unique options at the best prices possible. Lighting can be very expensive, but there are so many reasonable choices. There is no need to overspend. Seattle Lighting, Pottery Barn, and Pinterest were our guides.

Detail #3: The godawful ceiling fan. Yes, it must GO and quickly, please. I’m not a fan - haha!

Every coastal cottage needs the cooling breeze of the overhead fan on those hot summer days. Although please, can we find one that has aesthetics as well? I fell in love with the Tommy Bahama black, wicker style. This feature added an element of whimsy and relaxation, giving it that Hawaii or Caribbean feel, even when the weather isn’t as such here in the Northwest.

Detail #4: Paint. The old paint must be covered and soon, before I lose my mind.

There is nothing more oppressive than paint colors that are dark and dreary. Whomever determined all ceilings should be white deserves a Nobel Peace Prize. The peaceful feeling that a paint color can have on our psyche is tangible. This is where warmth, welcome, and delight come into play. Choose colors that make you happy, calm, and add just the right pop of drama.

The right painter makes all the difference. Crisp lines, attention to detail, caulking all the trim - these are the mark of a professional paint crew.

Detail #5: Doors. Don't let the door hit you on the way out. Yes, they all went as well!

The hollow core laminate doors and the new five panel farmhouse doors made all the difference in my new coastal farmhouse. The beautiful, creamy white paint with the bronzed hardware is striking and stunning. Every time I open or look at a door, I marvel at how they set the stage for the style and bring everything together.

As we began replacing the old details with updated features, we could feel it all take shape. Dated components give way to delightful touches that transform a house into a sweet coastal cottage. “Welcome Home”, indeed. We would be happy to put you in touch with our team of designers, contractors, and painting professionals for your project. Check out our contributor page and you will find their contact information as well as some design tips from their expertise.