Buyers Story: The Christmas Miracle On Andasio Loop

Updated: Jan 13, 2020

Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus! He rewards those who work hard and don’t believe the harsh words of the world that whisper, “There is no way you will ever succeed. You are too young to get married, have children, and buy a house by the age of twenty-three years old.”

Some Christmas miracles are simply too beautiful not to share.

I met Kisha and Jaberry six years ago when they were seniors at Bremerton High School when I served as a youth mentor. At seventeen, Kisha and Jaberry unexpectedly found themselves planning for the arrival of their first child. The world may have said things that might negatively influence someone’s future, especially those of teen parents, but they found a beautiful love between themselves and their soon-to-be-born child.

They did what many thought was another misstep and asked me if I would marry them. It was the most intimate, beautiful ceremony of one of the truest loves I have ever witnessed. These two young kids were on their own the day their gorgeous daughter, Kerrianna, was born, their housing fell through, and they did not know where to take their daughter home to. Bremerton Housing Resources Board came to the rescue with a rent-controlled home that they lived in for two years.

During this time, they added two more wonderful babies to their family. Jaberry was working as an arborist, and Kisha was working for Puget Sound Naval Shipyard. All the while, they dreamed,... but no, dreaming doesn’t do this journey justice. They were working their tails off, saving, building credit, and selecting what they wanted in their first home. While lenders and others told them that there was NO WAY they would be able to buy what they were working so hard for, they believed, prayed, and continued to build their future together.

On March 1st, they put the deposit down, and the builder broke ground on their brand new construction home in Port Orchard. Six months later, the greatest day in my career as a realtor felt like Christmas morning. I cried when I handed Kisha the keys to their new home, They did it! Against all odds and much negative chatter from others who said that they would never make this happen, THEY DID!

I have learned by watching these two amazing partners and parents to never underestimate their will, love, and ability to create the very best life possible for themselves and their children (the fourth of which will arrive early next year).

I am so very proud of you, Kisha and Jaberry, and every time I think about you in your new home, I smile from ear to ear. All my love, and welcome home - your own home. Well, you two, so very well done!

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