The Northwest Commute

Gliding through Eagle Harbor, the ferry horn sounds to announce our take off. As the boat rounds the southeastern point of Bainbridge Island, we find seats in the front of the ferry. This is the best view as we withdraw from the island, sail across Puget Sound, and approach Seattle.

On sunny days, Mount Rainier beams into our vision. On rainy days, the fog settles over the rolling city and outskirts. Our mind’s eye climbs the ascending outlines of the mountains and flies along the foothills of downtown, all while the ferry carries us towards land.

Perhaps we will see pods of orcas, a neighboring sailboat, or kayakers in the distance. Whatever the sights or weather, we step out on the middle or upper decks to grasp the railing and breathe in the fresh air of the sound. There are many benches, protected and exposed, that urge us to sit and slow down to fully absorb all the pieces of this experience - the sea’s parting between islands and city skylines.