The Thin Line Between Water and Sky

Imagine running along winding roads, the soft quiet of the neighborhood assures your every step. Your eyes are squinted in anticipation of the setting sun, which streams in through the evergreens. As you round the corner, the magnificence of the shimmering bay, scattered docks, and sailboats’ soft ripples in the water beams into view. You tiptoe across the pebbles in the parking lot, onto the wooden bridge, down the creaky stairs, and upon the dock. You tiptoe because you don’t want to disrupt the perfection of this scene.

There is magic in gazing across a body of water and seeing a strip of land from afar. This view offers you a mirror image, a reflection, of where you are standing now. This natural illusion is exemplified out on the docks, where the only separation between the water and sky is the island. On the docks, this thin line between water and sky is a reminder of how small you truly are.

Whether you venture down to a dock on Bainbridge Island to jump in and out of the water, swim around, or float on your back. Whether you sit on driftwood during sunset, sunbathe on a towel with your feet dangling off the side of the dock, or pack a picnic and eat warm blackberries in the sun. Whether you wander down to watch the rain hit the water’s surface and listen to the chorus of the winds billowing through the channels. Whether you throw a stick for your dog out into the middle of the bay, get in your kayak and paddle underneath docks and in between boats, or go down to the water at night to throw pebbles and illuminate the phosphorescence.

Whatever you choose to do, whether you are visiting or living on the island - soak up as much time as you can near the water, out on the docks. This rare brand of magic is uniquely Bainbridge.

In particular, I highly recommend the docks at Point White, Waterfront, Eagle Harbor, Port Madison, and Hidden Cove.