These are a Few of my Favorite Things (About Bainbridge Island)

1. Slow pace of life. The walkability beckons you to take your time and live fully in the present.

2. Kayaking in the morning. Natural hypnosis lies in the colors streaming upon the water’s surface.

Photo Credit: Kendall Kaminski

3. Million shades of lush, green undergrowth. The protective blanket of the woods is interwoven tightly in the Northwest.

4. Blackberry-picking around every bend. Travel with a pail or basket in the spring and summer time, so you’re always ready to stock up on the taste of pure sunshine in these fruits.

Photo Credit: Kendall Kaminski

5. Smell of saltwater, rain, and Evergreens. The Puget Sound embraces, abundant clouds cleanse, and the tallest of trees offer their protection.

6. Public dock-jumping in between basking in the sun. The sweetest kind of rinse and repeat, especially when paired with chilled white wine and fresh strawberries from the local farmer’s market.

photo Credit: Kendall Kaminski

7. Thick layers of auburn Maple leaves. Seasons don’t simply change here - they mingle and intertwine, like delicate dewdrops meeting heavy raindrops. Look for them trickling together from the green base to the russet veins of a leaf.

8. Grand Forest hikes in the fog. Your lungs will be reborn with each step you take deeper into the thicket and higher upon the hills.

9. Mountains at your vision’s edge. When the rain clears and clouds part, the view of the Cascades pierces the blue sky. When my family and I first moved to Bainbridge, my dad used to ask us, “Are the mountains out today?”

10. Infinite stars thickly painted across the darkest of silent nights. When scenes of forests and inlets fade from your sight, turn your gaze upward to give yourself one of the greatest gifts - magnifying how small you are in this immense, glorious world.

Photo Credit: Kendall Kaminski