Turquoise Waters Along a Pastel City

Kendall and I arrived in sun-soaked Nice amongst the sherbert colors of buildings that lined cobblestone streets. We met our kind Airbnb host, Jonathon, who opened his entire apartment to us. Without hesitation, we were pulled to the beautiful beachside and strolled down the promenade, chatting and laughing as we soaked up the sensations of being in a new pocket of France.

Waking up to a first day abounding with possibilities, we shopped for food at a corner market, left with beers and strawberries cradled in our arms, and returned to the beach. The coast is scattered with rocks of all shapes, sizes, patterns, and colors, with endless amounts of sea glass tucked between the rocks on the shoreline. While breathing in the sharp smell of saltwater, we savored delicious sandwiches, napped to our hearts’ content, and read with the sound of the Mediterranean Sea’s waves softly crashing on the stones. As sunset approached, we ambled along the promenade and up to a castle for a stunning view overlooking the city meeting the water’s edge.

We met our friends from my abroad program, Hanna and Gala, and all ventured into the city. It wasn’t long before we found some of the best ice cream of our travels so far. We danced and sang late into the night until our waltzes carried us back to our temporary home.

The next day began slowly with a filling breakfast late in the morning, centered around basking in the sun at the seaside, and finished with a generous pasta dinner. The piercing turquoise water, pastel buildings, and strong sun cast a spell upon us like a perfect dream. Following bike rentals and pizza for lunch, we window-shopped and explored the city. Adventurous spirits led us to sip absinthe, skip to the beach, and listen to the waves until 2 a.m.

Our last full day in Nice, I met up with my cousin, Aki, and we hiked up to a castle on a hill for a picnic lunch. We lounged on the hillside overlooking the winding streets and swooping beaches along the city. Kendall, Aki, and I rode bikes on the promenade until, before we knew it, we were racing for the train.