Uncle Zays Neighborhood: Game Plan

Let me start by saying that it has been a long and grueling push to get to this point. There have been an EXTRAORDINARY amount of people involved in the inner workings of what I’m calling The Neighborhood Task Force (I’ll get to that in a second), and I am EXTREMELY grateful for every one of them. Resources have poured in from all angles, and because of that, needs have been met effectively.

With fall now officially upon us, we are approaching our peak season for providing resources. First, a little overview - The Neighborhood Task Force began with one mission in mind: meeting community needs.

Since last spring, with the help of our ever-growing team of volunteers and contributors, we have successfully connected with people and businesses within the community to come alongside in whatever trench life may have for them - everything from Christmas presents for children with incarcerated fathers to meals and survival packs for those on the streets. We collect and deliver books for aspiring young writers, gather shoes for homeless youth, and fill backpacks with back-to-school goodies. We focus on these such areas as well as every day, intermittent struggles that are relatable to almost everyone.

As we continue to grow, our hope is to widen our reach within Kitsap County - an effort that starts now. For the next fall and spring seasons, we are looking for more ways to step in when people need us. The first phase is acquiring essentials for our survival packs. To name a few, here are some of the items we stock up on:

  • Wool socks

  • Light rain jackets

  • Toiletries

  • Small backpacks/drawstring bags

  • Gift cards to coffee shops ($20 or less)

In addition to providing survival packs, we will serve soup and hot beverages, free of charge. We are open to suggestions and ideas that anyone may have to help move our community forward. With that being said, always remember: If you take care of the community, the community will take care of you!

If you have any desire to join us in the trenches, here’s how: 

  1. For volunteer opportunities, shoot us your contact information at CCSgroup1@yahoo.com

  2. To contribute financially: Venmo - @Isiah-Connor or  CashApp- $UZN1