Vida Verde Home

Updated: Dec 6, 2018

As a small business, Urban Trends supports other small, unique businesses. So we were happy to find Vida Verde Home: a family-owned business specializing in homemade cleaning products and candles.

Vida Verde cleansers are made with natural essential oils and plant-based surfactants using a lengthy infusion process that releases earth’s finest ingredients. These products sanitize and smell fabulous. The three cleansers offered will be all you need to thoroughly clean and brighten your home year-round. Hand-poured into beautiful, amber glass to ensure that no chemicals from plastic bleed into the products, these containers are chic enough to be counter-worthy and not hidden under the sink.

Vida Verde also offers 100% soy wax candles: no synthetic fragrances or dyes, only 100% essential oils. The candles’ high-quality ingredients allow for longer burning times. As with Vida Verde cleansers, the candles are hand-poured into attractive amber glass.

You can find these online under Accessories.