What’s on the Menu?

With the sun coming out and weather starting to warm up, one thing comes to mind: COOKOUT SEASON! Cookouts and barbecues (yes, they are different) are a large and nostalgic part of my life. Countless summer days, I ran back and forth to grocery stores, meat shops, and hardware stores. My grandfather would send me out of his house equipped with ingredient lists and a pocket full of cash. It amazed me that somehow, in EVERY store I went to, the employees knew exactly what I was doing and who I was shopping for.

Along with the rest of his old war buddies, my grandfather had a standing reputation for being among the “elite” local grill masters. On any given day, one could find him at the park with eight year old me on his heels, grills lit, and tables set. If you were hungry, you ate and ate WELL. A major part of why I feed my neighborhood comes from these very experiences. Watching people of all backgrounds, social circles, and tax brackets enjoying good company and even better food - That’s a community. That’s doing life with the people around you. My hope is that, with the help of those around me, I can bring more meals to the street this summer with only one goal in mind: Take care of the community.

If you have any desire to join us in the trenches, here’s how: 

  1. For volunteer opportunities, shoot us your contact information at CCSgroup1@yahoo.com

  2. To contribute financially: Venmo - @Isiah-Connor or  CashApp- $UZN1